My First Year Voting

My friend, Anahi (left), and I (right) As the daughter and first generation Mexican-American in my family, voting was a huge goal to achieve when I turned 18 years old. This past September, I was finally of age to legally vote here in Texas for the midterm elections. My family and I were very excited for myself to fulfill this civic duty that I had being an American citizen. Because a lot of my family is undocumented, I knew this moment would be very special for me.

I’ve been pretty open about who I am voting for and my political views. The person and candidate who represented these views and values is Senator candidate Beto O’Rourke. I believe that this man could create a tremendous amount of change in the state of Texas, like in immigration, healthcare, gun safety, equality/civil rights, etc. For more information about Beto’s campaign, visit

My experience went very well and I felt very content having fulfilled my goal of voting at 18. My friend, Anahi and I went together in downtown Houston and I personally, was very excited when I was handed my “I VOTED!” sticker that I see all over many people’s social medias and finally being able to post mine. It was just and easy come and go process which I was relieved about and there not being a long line. Although, I will say my encounter with the clerk was pretty odd. As I was handing him my registration card, he told me how unexpected it was of me, a young person, to come vote. He also had mentioned at the fact that young people have no patience and are privileged and lazy. I was very shocked about that 30 second conversation. I guess you just never know who you’ll encounter in public when your doing anything.

But this did open my eyes at one thing; not many young people are voting. I guess many think that their votes don’t matter and how it wouldn’t make a difference. As a young person who just turned 18, I encourage all other young people who care about their future and want to see a positive change in our governments, whether they be local governments or not, to go out and vote on Election Day, November 6th and every other election after that. I think it’s time our generation starts getting involved in politics and starts making the change for future generations ahead of us. Our votes DO matter! Especially with this country’s recent events since Trump took office, it’s time our society stops ignoring what is happening and starts listening and taking action, starting with the simple steps of voting!



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