Arctic Monkeys: Tranquility Base Hotel & Camp; Casino Tour

mythologically The first thing you see when you reached the Revention Music Center is the lines. At the Arctic Monkeys concert, there were at least four different lines, the ones for general admission, the Jack Daniels tickets and some other early pass tickets that I do not recall the name of. Luckily for me, I was not part of the group of people that had been waiting in line since 9:00 AM and instead headed to the box office, got our tickets and got to skip the line.

The only thing that stopped me from being barricaded was my phone because like most concerts, you have to go through security where they make you take out everything out of your pockets and search you for anything that isn’t allowed into the venue. Unfortunately, once I got to the barricade, I realized I had lost my phone and had to go back immediately to go find it and so, my place in the barricaded area was lost.

I found my phone after 10 minutes of going around and asking the security whether they had seen it or not and ran back to see if I had any chance of getting close to the stage. I didn’t get my place back but I did make some friends and stood for about two hours before the opening act started performing.

Let’s be honest, the two most agonizing things about concerts are waiting for the concert to start and seeing the performers leave. Despite the waiting, when Mini Mansions, the opening act, started performing, the crowd let loose and everyone was swaying to the cool, indie rock music. I don’t usually pay attention to what artists are wearing but the band was wearing some really cool colored suits and combined with the lights and the atmosphere,it just made everything more psychedelically elevated. For their last song, they played their song, Vertigo, and towards the end of it, Alex Turner came out and sang with them. The crowd went wild.

I nearly died from all the pushing (I’m being dramatic but I really was suffocating) but it was such a cool experience because we all knew the Arctic Monkeys were about to perform. After their last song, Michael Shuman, the leader of Mini Mansions said goodbye and left the stage and the crowd was left waiting.

Like I said before, waiting is the most agonizing thing and so whenever the Arctic Monkeys came out, I once again was crushed as the crowd grew wild. They played a mix of Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino and their older music and in all honesty, the environment was positively toxic in that it made me want to sing at the top of my lungs along with Alex Turner and dance which is exactly what I did.

If you know anything about the Arctic Monkeys, you know that they were extremely popular on Tumblr whenever the Arctic Monkeys album, AM. came out in 2012 due to its aesthetic. To me, the highlights of the show were whenever they sang songs from that album because they were classics, songs that reminded me of when I was a twelve year old on Tumblr, re-posting gifs from their iconic Do I Wanna Know music video and memorizing all my favorite songs from that album. This environment they created was exhilarating and it was a great way to get loose and just jam out.  I even got to the very front and it was just an amazing experience in general.

To sum it up, the Arctic Monkeys concert was nostalgic and at the same time, a new experience, The environment these artists created, although physically temporary, left a long-lasting memory and I would definitely watch them again!

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