Odesza: A Moment Apart Tour

Last night, October 11th, Odesza wowed Houstonians with lights, sounds, and sights from their A Moment Apart Tour. Evan Giia kicked off the night with a great performance to a modest crowd. Closing her set with Westworld, the song that kicked off her career, Giia thanked the crowd for their support and set the stage for the following two acts.

Jai Wolf was up next, with a set that got the crowd hyped up and ready for the headlining act. Wolf played through both original songs and remixes, keeping the energy high throughout his set. By the time his set had ended, the crowd had swelled to fill up the entire space, with standing room becoming increasingly limited throughout the show.

After Wolf’s departure from the stage, the crowd remained excited throughout the intermission.

The lights went down, and Odesza’s new opening video began to play. The crowd went wild as the EDM duo took the stage, along with a six man drumline and accompanying trombones. The bass shook the floor with each beat of the drums, and the crowd moved along with them, jumping and dancing with the music.

Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight, the duo making up Odesza, kept the crowd excited throughout their set, and brought out their signature drumline and horn section multiple times throughout the performance, the instruments bringing key sounds and flair to the show.

As the show continued, the floor was filled with fans, and even those on the second level were on their feet. Confetti rained down across the crowd as the lights flashed and the bass roared.

Overall the performance was fantastic, the light show becoming more and more intricate with each song. In between headlining both weekends at Austin City Limits, its great that Odesza was able to come down to Houston to put on a show.


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