Facebook breach puts 30 million users at risk

Imagine you log onto your Facebook to check what your friends and relatives are up to: and suddenly your address, relationship status, and personal messages are in the hands of someone else. 30 million users fell victim to this security breach that was actually revealed to have happened 2 weeks ago.

Originally believed to have been 50 million users, Facebook openly stated “We know now that fewer people were impacted than we originally thought.”

But this doesn’t take away from the 14 million who were drastically impacted by the breach. Everything from location, birthdate, religion and there 15 most recent searches goes to show just how dangerous the Internet can be. Millions of people are at risk by simply creating an account, most of whom are oblivious to these kind of attacks.

The FBI is “actively investigating” and have been asked not to discuss who may be behind this attack or to share any other details that could jeopardize the investigation. Despite this announcement, no further details or evidence has been made public.

Millions of at risk users are left wondering who may be behind this attack and if they’ll ever be safe online again.


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