Boy Erased   BOY ERASED

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Liking the same sex has always been looked down upon, especially in most religions.

Boy Erased is about a boy named Jared, whose parents are very religious. Seeing as his father is a pastor, Jared gets outed by someone he met in college.

Like I said his parents are religious, so when Jared’s father found out his only son was gay, Jared’s dad gives him two choices, Jared can either attend a conversion camp (trying to turn gay people straight) or be thrown out by his family.

Jared seems to have everything he needs, provided by his parents. He lives in a two-story house, comes home to food on the table, has a car given to him by his father and has a job that his father most likely gave to him. Jared chooses the conversion camp, probably thinking this is the better, safer option.

When Jared arrives to the camp, he gets told by the other members that he needs to “fake it, till you make it.”


One of the most important topics of the movie was the conversion camp.

The movie is based off a real story told by Garrard Conley, seeing that conversion camps are still around is kind of scary, especially knowing that these kids are being forced to be someone they’re not.

The kids must partake in activities that push them to their limit, something that can be hard to watch.

There’s so many emotionally events that happen in the movie, from members of the group therapy being hurt to Jared being comfortable about him being gay.

The movie is very sad, however, there are some moments in the movie that are very uplifting.

Like I said in the beginning of the review, his parents are against his homosexuality but eventual warm up to the fact that their son is gay.

Another good thing that happens is Jared continues his college career as a writer proving to the audience that you can overcome anything as long as you stay true to yourself.

The movie isn’t over the top dramatic and gives a lot leeway for interpretation.

Boy Erased is a coming of age movie that I believe everyone should watch. It brings awareness to conversion camps and how harmful they are to those attending one.


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