“The Hate U Give”: A Highlight of the Shocking Reality Many Americans Face

One of the issues that has been constantly vocalized throughout different media outlets is the issue of police brutality. We’ve all heard of the unjust deaths of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Freddie Gray, and many other victims of police brutality. In the case of The Hate U Give, we hear about the murder of Khalil.



The Hate U Give, a movie based off of a book by Angie Thomas and directed by George Tillman Jr., begins with actress Amandla Stenberg, portraying Starr Carter, sitting down with her family at the dinner table. Instead of having dinner though, Starr’s dad is giving his children “the talk” which is basically him going over the injustices his children might experience due to the color of their skin and how to deal with it in order to survive those experiences. Starr narrates the movie, talking about how because of the rough neighborhood they lived in, her parents made her and her siblings go to a nicer school in a different area. Moving to a predominantly white populated school created a problem for Starr in that she had trouble being herself. This became even a bigger issue when her childhood friend was shot and she happened to be the only eyewitness. Starr was hesitant about speaking out for Khalil because she was afraid of what she could face if word got out that she was the witness.

This movie is amazing in that it points out the importance of speaking out against injustices within our society. Not only that, but it calls out on many race related issues that need to be addressed in order to change the way we talk about race in America. It also gives many perspectives that help see the consequences of police brutality and how the police fail to protect their people.

If I were being completely honest, I cried about five times throughout this movie all because of how moving and shocking its message was. Of course I had heard about police brutality and what many of my peers fear when they are around the police but this was different. It was a slap in the face, a telling of a fierce reality many African Americans face. Although it has a harsh message, this movie has many scenes that make you cry with laughter and has a rather heartwarming ending.

The Hate U Give is a movie everyone must watch because of its message that can continue to encourage people to fight for justice, even when our systems are failing us.


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