BTS Love Yourself tour, part 2: soundcheck and the concert


When the announcement of BTS tickets prices and release dates were made to the public, my friends and I were convinced on getting the least expensive priced tickets in order to save money but once Powerhouse announced the possibility of getting a soundcheck opportunity when buying p1 tickets, I had to get them. While the chaos that was General Admission is still not worth the price of General Admission tickets, the experience and the soundcheck I got was worth it in the end.

The soundcheck line was a lot easier to handle than GA. There were only 500 people who got soundcheck and in order to claim our soundcheck is to show your order number and photo ID. Everyone in soundcheck abide by the wristband number on our soundcheck wristbands. The Bighit entertainment staff was so professional compared to the venue, they handled every situation thoroughly.

In soundcheck, I got number 164 in line and was very close to the extended stage. There were a few fans who were hyperventilating, getting flustered, but all I can feel in the moment is being anxious to see a band I been following since the beginning closely for the first time.

When the boys came out, all sense of doubt washed from my head. At that moment, I forgot about the frustration and anger I held in that morning. They become so human without their makeup and fancy clothing, they were obviously fatigued and it pained my heart to see them overworked. Despite their tired appearance, they did not fail on showing their enthusiastic energy and hyping up the crowd. They sang fan favorite songs, such as Run, Anpanman, and Mic Drop, all of which got fans jumping and dancing to every beat of the song.

What surprised me was how interactive they were with the fans, while they did not talk to all of us or answer questions and such. All of the members at some point made eye contact with me, coming to different parts of the stages to be close to fans. It was an experience of a lifetime.

The concert:

BTS debuted on June 13, 2013, I remember hearing their songs for the first time in middle school where I had a roar of emotions and felt an instant connection with their music and message associated with their songs. It was interesting in the age of dark eyeliner, I was too attracted to a 7-member boy group with dark eyeliner. Now, I am a high school and college graduate who still listens to their songs, follow their newest albums, and now, officially attended their concert.

In honestly, the disaster that happened before the concert, left more an impression on my memories than the concert did and it’s upsetting for anyone who else feels the same way. But I will try to recall any key moments I remember at the concert. The videos I used are my own recordings as I was at the barricade near the main stage but apologizes in advance for my voice singing.

BTS opened up their concert with their title song of the Love Yourself album called “Idol”, a complex song that incorporates a mix of traditional Korean and South African beats. The shows opens up with all the members popping up at the same time as there are pyrotechnics accompanying the music. The fireworks and the heat from the lights quickly have heat to the audience but made for an aesthetically beautiful stage. The members wore black glamour military jackets and suits that suited each of their personalities, accompanying their own hair styles and makeup. Each one of them were visually breath-taking and each got their own moments to shine.

It was overwhelming to see people that I’ve watched for over 5 years to be in front of me beyond the screens of my phone and computer. I was especially overwhelmed when one of the members, Park Jimin, crouched down to my eye level and sang to my friends and I. The passion that each of the members exert by singing their songs was so prominent, especially during their solo songs and stages. Knowing the hardships each member went through, throughout their lives lived in the way they sang. Jin brought a lot of emotions to his song Epiphany, the visuals on the stage helped provide the meaning behind the songs and more impactful.

The concert was mostly focused on the Love Yourself Era, specifically on the Love Yourself: Answer album as they sang most songs on the album list. The performances I enjoyed the most were the Trivias that were introduced in the Answer album, since they had no visuals with them, it was awesome to see Suga, J-hope, and RM perform them live. In addition, they performed fan favorites such as Mic Drop, Fake Love, Anpanman, DNA, and so on. To be honest, I was not a big fan of certain songs like DNA but seeing them live, made me appreciate them more than originally.

Overall, if there is an opportunity to see BTS in your area, I suggest you take that chance to see them. Make sure you have multiple devices to get a chance at one of their tickets, it is worth the money and troubles. I would definitely try to watch them again in concert but maybe not General Admission for a while, especially in Fort Worth. This is also advice on to never go to the Fort Worth Convention Center, it would leave a negative impression on your concert experience than actually enjoying yourself.

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