BTS Love Yourself tour, part 1: the chaos

On September 15, 2018, Bangtan Soyeondan (a.k.a. Beyond the Scenes, 방탄소년단) blessed the Fort Worth area in Texas by performing at the Fort Worth Convention Center. The tickets for the concert when live on May 5, 2018 and sold out in a matter of minutes, showing the popularity of the cultural phenomenal of BTS and K-pop. I was very fortunate to get my hands onto some of these tickets, despite many of the problems that arise from getting them, such as the website crashing, tickets being purchased by resale sites, etc. Despite all these problems, that did not compare to the other chaos before the BTS show on Saturday.

Before the show, this story is split into different articles, please view the concert article uploaded after this:

A disclaimer, like many fans of BTS, I appreciate all the members ever since their debut in 2013 and the actions of the venue do not reflect the Bighit Entertainment company and BTS themselves. This is also not an attack on Armys, who are BTS fans, their actions can speak for themselves. In the news of the BTS LA show at the Staples Stadium, there were Armys who camped outside days ahead of the concert. This led to the debate of whether camping was allowed or not at the Fort Worth Convention Center; the Convention Center released an official statement saying that camping was NOT allowed, anyone violating this rule, would have to face a $500 fine. It was not until the days before the Fort Worth concert, where armys were camping out and got noticed by local news that spiraled to waves of armys camping out. In addition, the venue decided to change their policy of no camping to camping is “discouraged”.

I was blessed by having great friends, one of which named Amina who arrived at midnight before the show to save a space for my friend, Dean and I, while we were arriving from Houston. She arrived there to find 435 other people already lined up with an unofficial number system. While it was great that the fans organized themselves into an orderly fashion, it did not however prevent from other fans skipping in line. Over time, there were more than 435 people initially leading to my friends and I moving to the front. A police officer came out and declared that he will point to one person in the crowd and they will explain the situation, which was unprofessional. The girl he picked explained that her and her friends were first, that they were placed in line but other people skipped in front of them. This led to the police pointing into the middle of the crowd and declaring it the beginning of the line.

From there, it got worse, everyone who camped are cheering and chanting “back of the line” while people like my friends and I are confused cause we were rightfully where we were. The venue’s response to this made the situation worse, when they decided to barricade the crowd, including my friends and I like cattle. One by one, our numbers were looked at to be determined if we get our wristbands for General Admission with an official number or not. When the one of the employees looked at my number, he claimed he only accepts blue ink, when there were multiple people who were distributing numbers, while some were being bribed for better numbers. He then proceed to push me out and told me to “get out of here”. One of the girls who distributed the numbers, helped clarify that I had a correct number but it was a mess and unprofessional situation to begin with.

While having a wristband proves that my friends and I had a place in line with an official number, disaster strikes again after sound check when it was pouring rain. The rain caused masses of people to run to the entrance of the building to skip. My friends and I, at this point were angry of all the commotion and unpreparedness of the venue staff that we confronted one who dismissed the situation as “not part of his job”. It’s utterly ridiculous that you are paid to work these types and situation but dismiss them when it is your responsibilities. The rain died down for a bit but came with vengeance right before our numbers were called, leading to all of us getting sick in the end.

The Fort Wort Convention center was a huge disappointment to many of the BTS fans that attended the concerts on Saturday and Sunday, especially for those who came from the larger cities in Texas that would have handled all these situations more professionally. In addition, most major cities have larger stadium capacity to handle the large fanbase that BTS has. It was to the point where memes were being spread of Fort Worth Convention having cockroaches and bats, compared to the shiny Staples Stadium in LA. Overall, if there is a concert in the Fort Worth Convention Center, run the other direction. On the other hand, if you do want an intimate concert space, then that is the place to go but it is not “fort worth” to go to this venue.


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