Movie Review for Crazy Rich Asians

If you’re looking for a good movie suggestion than stick around. In fact, let’s head to Singapore. Crazy Rich Asians is the most anticipated Rom-Com worldwide. The movie itself depicts the hardships one faces to choose between love or family.

Author Kevin Kwan was the first person who introduced us to Crazy Rich Asians. Moreover, the fact that it was an all-Asian cast was very intriguing because it was the first of many.

Spoiler Alert! – The plot begins with Rachel Chu (Constance Wu), an economics professor at NYU, and her boyfriend Nick Young (Henry Golding) the son of the biggest developers in all of Singapore.

But here’s the thing Rachel doesn’t know. Nick invites Rachel to go with him to his cousin’s wedding, not only that but also as a chance to meet his mother Eleanor (Michelle Yeoh).

Having Rachel as the first girl he’s brought to meet his family sets up an unsettling feeling of not welcomed between Rachel and Eleanor.

The actors and actresses who portray the characters are unique in their own way and fits the whole vibe of the movie.

Peik Lin – played by Awkwafina – is Rachel’s BFF in college, was the funniest character because she made everything seem funny, she had that sense of humor in her. The actors and actresses seem to compliment the role they each played to make it intriguing and unique.

Overall this movie will exceed your expectations because there is so much that goes on its hard to keep up.

Unlike other movies Crazy rich Asians is one of the movies that you’d want to re-watch repeatedly because it’s that good.

Whether it’s the book or movie both are undoubtedly spectacular and heartwarming.

In all honesty Crazy Rich Asians is an excellent recommendation to go see at the movies. Tears will be shed but in a positive way that will make you fall in love with romantic comedies again.

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