Do YOU Know Who You’re Voting For? If you know a thing or two about politics, you know that the biggest event of the year is the midterm elections. The 2018 midterm elections are just around the corner as November 6th, Texas’s general election date, is less than two months away. Fulfilling one’s civic duty (voting in this case) is important in a democratic society  because it is a way to have your voice heard. Knowing who you’re voting for is essential to the process of being represented in our government because you decide what candidates most represent what you stand for, and elect them into office.

go here In politics, a term that you’ll often see is “incumbency.” If you have heard the term before, you probably know that those who are already in office have a high chance of being reelected because of their name recognition. Not only that, but they already have evidence of the work they have done in office so throughout their campaign, they remind the people of their accomplishments . Incumbents are also more likely to get reelected due to the fact that they have more access to campaign finances and have connections across the board.

Unfortunately, many Americans do not go out and vote so the percentage that does, decides who gets elected into office and this is sometimes the problem: voters don’t always look at an incumbent’s past work, they just recognize the name and vote for them. Although this is not true for all voters, it is something that happens and that needs to change. Voters need to, at the very least, know the effects and effectiveness of an incumbents work and learn about their opposition in order to see which person they feel is best for that position in office. So if you are tired of the way things are,  there are many ways to change that, starting with breaking the whole cycle of re electing incumbents. Making yourself aware of the views and stances each runner in these elections has and whether or not you agree with them aid in changing our society.

In order to help people be more aware of who they’re voting for, I will be doing a profile series on who’s running for the upcoming midterm elections and will update information about these candidates as we learn more about them so stay tuned! 

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