The Day Miss Jackson Arrived

Today, May 16th, is Janet Jackson’s birthday, and I might as well put Jackson at the end of my name considering the fact that I am celebrating this day as if it was my own.

Miss Jackson was born on a Monday in Gary, Indiana. She is the youngest of eight children including her brother Michael Jackson.

This little sister grew up to carry on the family’s tradition of musical talent. She has sold over 100 million records worldwide and won multiple Grammy, BET, and MTV awards. Her most recent album was Unbreakable (2015), which was followed by two tours – the Unbreakable Tour and the State of the World Tour.

She has also appeared in several movies including Poetic Justice (1993) and some of Tyler Perry’s films such as Why Did I Get Married? (2007) and For Colored Girls (2010).

More personally, Janet celebrated her second Mother’s Day this year with her son Eissa, who recently turned one this past January. Though she is not with her the father of her son, Janet has reportedly been fulfilled by the joys of motherhood.

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