Babymetal rocks out Houston Revention Center

Babymetal rocked out the Revention Center in Houston on Sunday night and it was a blast! Babymetal is a Japanese rock girl group that combines the cutes of Japanese culture and the metal genre together for a perfect blend. This was my first rock concert where there fans of all kinds of rock music come together to watch international icons.

Each performance was hypnotizing and will leave the audience in a trance as there were mesmerizing choreography and amazing vocals that filled the Revention Music center. Each performer had their chance to shine when it came to their part of the songs.

The fans of Babymetal were very enthusiastic where there were crowd surfers riding the audience members. Most of the fans of Babymetal were predominantly men and not surprisingly so as it was a female group. Most fans had some resemblance of Japanese or Anime culture on their clothing to show support to Babymetal. Some fans made their own outfits to resemble iconic Babymetal outfits.

Overall, I enjoyed the concert, it was not my favorite as there were issues with rude fans but the performance itself paid off the rudeness of certain fans. Hopefully, Babymetal comes back to Houston in the future.

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