Lesbian Jesus (Hayley Kiyoko) blessed Houston

Hayley Kiyoko proves herself as the Lesbian Jesus last night at the House of Blues in Houston, Texas. Known for her love of girls and power dance moves, nor she or the crowd she was presenting to did not disappoint. The energy of the room was so alive and hyper as majority of the crowd were LGBTQA+ members happy to see such an influential and positive role model on the stage before them.

Everyone was unapologetically themselves, as Kiyoko was unapologetically gay. And we loved it. There were so many bras thrown, I thought that only existed in movies or serious rock concerts but they were a lot to handle. Some had messages for Kiyoko to contact through, some were positive messages of support (I could read), and some were just thrown as sacrifice for the Lesbian Jesus.

I’m sure that many of the attendees like myself had exams or finals the next day as the crowd consisted of younger people than older. All the logic of reason was thrown out the window as soon Hayley appeared, looking a snack. For which, the crowd chanted but Kiyoko could not understand what we were saying until her keyboardist told her. Which Kiyoko’s response was a funny and adorable, stating that, “That’s why I’m still single, I couldn’t tell you guys were hitting on me.”

It was extremely surreal seeing someone who I look up to stand before me literally. Her album really helped explain the different emotions and experiences I felt living as a LBGT person, they were so dance worthy and anyone who has not listen to her album should do so immediately. If you ever have a chance to see Kiyoko in person, do it! It is worth it! You will have a phenomenal time.

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