Infinity War breaks box office

Infinity War is a box office hit for every Marvel fan to go see! After a decade of creating movies for the Marvel Universe from Iron Man to the Avengers to Black Panther, we finally get to see the whole cast of everyone who was ever involved with the Marvel Universe in one big screen. This is a quick spoiler free review, so don’t worry.

Everyone had their little section of screen time in the movie for everyone’s favorite characters to be seen together. The audience was so lively about the movie and the anticipation could be felt through the room. There some cheers and laughter for the bantering between characters and the punchlines that makes the movie fun. If you haven’t seen any Marvel movie ever, then you should start binge-watching because they are crucial to knowing who is who.

Overall, I rate the movie a 8 out 10 stars since it was not one of my favorite Marvel movies but it did satisfy me in how the characters and plot comes into play. The movie is set to be released on May 4, 2019 which cannot come sooner. Prepare a box of tissues is also recommended.

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