Post Modern Jukebox puts Houston back in time

Scott Bradlee Post Modern Jukebox (as also known as PMJ) brought Houston back in time at the Houston of Blues on Sunday night. For those who don’t know, PMJ is a band of musicians who specializes in classical, vintage music. They’re known for their YouTube channel where they perform covers of modern songs, like: “Toxic” by Britney Spears, “Crazy Train” by Ozzy Osbourne, etc. But they put a twist on these songs, turning them into 1920s swing, 1950s jazz, and so on.

While I could not capture the performances on my digital camera, the show was a spectacle to watch. Each performer had their own charm and spin on the songs they were performing, some were double threats, who could sing and dance. Every performer kept the audience on their feet, dancing to the show, and partying like it was The Great Gatsby, minus all of the negative subplot.

There were even people who decked out on their finest and vintage clothing to watch the shows, I saw different styles of clothing that I, myself, was not familiar with. There were flapper girls, who wore the sparkly, short dresses, with the flapper style head pieces. There were given swing dresses, that reminds me of what I would see in the musical production, Hairspray that was set in the 1960s. Everyone seems to enjoy themselves by having a great time dancing and singing along.

The audience was a great representation of Houston; the whole crowd of people were so diverse. It was nice to see everyone united together in one venue by one common thing, music, particularly, PMJ. If PMJ is ever coming to your city, come to their concert because you will not be disappointed.


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