Bellaire High School Celebrates their 30th Year Holika Show

additional resources In the beginning of every spring, flying colorful powder ranging from blue to orange and purple to yellow flies throughout the streets. The banging of the drums can be heard all around. The sound of laughter echoes through the cities and villages of the Indian subcontinent. People all around are celebrating Holi, a festival that celebrates the rank growth of crops to harvest. Worldwide, this festival is celebrated by the diaspora of Indians to symbolize the winning of good over evil. Arun Prakash, the Hindi teacher at Bellaire High School, has been teaching for over 15 years and is a pioneer of Hindi language education. He started the Hindi program at several schools and universities including, Rice University and University of Houston.

Prakash has been successful in getting support from the community. The funding he raised (about half a million dollars) was donated toward the India Studies program at University of Houston to start the organization. Overall, through several different events and starting up new departments, Prakash has received consistent support from the Indian community.

This year marked Prakash’s 30th year Holika celebration at Bellaire High School. The show was a hit with over 700 people attending. It consisted of several dance teams competing for the grand prize of 500 dollars. The teams showed up prepared, dedicated and ready to win. Dr. Sen Pathak, the guest of honor and a renowned cancer researcher, was the keynote speaker. At the end of the program, the students of the Hindi department handed out hot samosas and jalebi, popular Indian snacks, to all the attendees.

The students of the Hindi Student Council and clubs including the Yoga Club, Hindi National Honor Society and Hindu Student Association helped with the event and the fundraising. Prakash was instrumental in starting these clubs that have increased in size and impact yearly since they were first formed.

Bellaire High School is the only high school in all of America with a Hindi department. This would not have been possible without Prakash’s relentless efforts and passion. Now, his dream is for other high schools to offer Hindi as a language.

Courtesy of Daniel Yuan

Courtesy of Daniel Yuan
Courtesy of Daniel Yuan



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