“Love, Simon”: A Classic Love Story with a Modern Twist

Every teenager dreams of a magical moment on top of a ferris wheel with their significant other. “Love, Simon” gives the opportunity for everyone to have the love story of their dreams.

“Love, Simon” tells the story of a high schooler, Simon, who struggles with a big secret. He’s gay. He has yet to tell his family and is exchanging emails with another classmate who he secretly loves. Simon’s life suddenly turns upside down and his struggles are hilarious as well as heartwarming. It truly is one for the books, with a mix of a classic love story and a modern twist that appeals to younger generations.

To be honest, when I learned about this movie my reaction was “meh” – just another cliché movie about accepting gay people. All of my friends were raving about the movie and how the fabulous Nick Robinson, the main protagonist, was in it. Even as I was dragged into going, I was pleasantly surprised by how positive and moving it was.

This story portrayed how people try to fit into the modern society by being “accepting towards gays”, but showed their true colors when they would make small actions and slight comments humoring gays. Simon’s father, who loved him, would make insensitive remarks about homosexuality, but was ultimately proud of Simon and it didn’t change his outlook towards him. Another fact that was reflected in the movie is that gay, bisexual and lesbian people are three times more likely to attempt suicide. This movie encourages people to come out and accept themselves for who they really are.

With the positive messages and theme directed toward younger generations, this coming of age movie is a must see.

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