Yodeling from Walmart to a bigger stage

Recently, there has been a viral video going around the internet of a kid yodeling at Walmart. Surprisingly, he is an 11 year old boy named Mason Ramsey from Golconda, a very small town with about 600 to 700 people. This little kid has had quite a journey this past week.

Not so long ago, he was featured on The Ellen Show where he spoke about new experiences that came along and about how awesome they were. Overall I must add that he has an amazing personality and knows how to make the crowd laugh with his pure innocence.

“I’m a country boy and out in the old country, all we do is bale straws of hay, and next thing you know you’re sitting under a tree, taking a nap with your hat down and a weed in your mouth.” -Mason

Just like this:

His journey started at Walmart. That questions, why Walmart? His response is clear that it’s the only store they have. You always start from the bottom and work your way towards the top, and that’s where he’s going.

He gave a small performance on the show for the audience. It’s amazing to see how a small boy of 11 years old stands so confident in front of many people. The main reason could be that he already has everything figured out and will work hard to reach his dream. Ellen helped him scratch off a dream from his bucket list: sing at the Grand Ole Opry, where he will be performing this Saturday, April 14, 2018.

More news keep coming for Mason.

It was mentioned that he was going to be performing at the grand event, Coachella 2018, along side Post Malone. Although this notice is not official, sources have said that he has rejected this over due to his booking at the Grand Ole Opry where he will be fulfilling one of his dreams. Many more artists are falling in love with his yodeling that they now have hopes in featuring him during their Coachella sets.

What will happen next?

Who knows.

What more does the future hold for young yodeler, Mason Ramsey.

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