A Quiet Place is not so quiet at the box office

A Quiet Place is truly a revolutionary hit for the box-office for the horror movie genre, as well as, the deaf and disabilities community. Released on April 8, 2018, A Quiet Place follows a family who must live in silence as an alien invasion brought upon an apocalypse to the world, where creatures will attack anything with a sound. While there are devastating consequences to this and a death of a loved one, the family must learn to survive in silence and communicate in sign language.

This was such a refreshing flair to the horror movie genre, as traditional tropes have used typical horror movie techniques run dry when you keep using them. The fact that this a movie that barely has any dialogue and sounds, makes the movie more interesting and creative. As typically, horror movies will have the suspenseful music then silence before a jump scare but since the movie is primarily in silence, it builds up the tension. Since this is an apocalypse movie, there are usually narration that gives into the background for the plot, I enjoyed this movie even more since there was none of that narration being used. It made it where the audience could figure out the background easily through context clues and focus on screen.

One of the actors is a deaf girl, who also plays a deaf character, during her screen times, there is silence, representing her lack of ability to hear; it creates a better opportunity to build more suspense and dramatic irony that happens around her, that she cannot tell but as the audience, we can see. It is also to be noted that the composer for the movie did not have a budget to have an orchestral but that did not stop this movie from becoming a great hit. Also, #couplegoals to both, John Krasinski and Emily Blunt playing a married couple while being an actual married couple in real life.

Even though, I’ve taken sign language courses, the movie provides subtitles to the character’s signing to let audience members understand what is being “said”. That being said (pun intended), it was quietest movie I have ever watched in the theater, where I didn’t even touch my popcorn or my drink because I felt it made too much noise. This is definitely a movie to put your phone on silence. The movie inspired me to resume taking sign language to be able to communicate with more people since this movie help shine some light on what’s it like to only communicate in silence. I felt with the general vibe of the audience, that people were fascinated with sign language and those who are deaf could relate to someone on screen. The movie held a great plot, that made sense in a horror movie aspect. Overall, I would rate this movie a 9 out of 10 and would highly recommend to anyone who loves a good plot, well thought out characters, creative use of techniques, and a good movie.

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