Supernatural review: return of fan favorites (spoilers)

**Spoilers below**

The highly successful CW show, Supernatural, is currently in the last few episodes of its thirteenth season and has been recently renewed for an upcoming fourteenth season where the show will hit a record number of over three hundred episodes. The series first got its start in 2005 and has been going strong ever since thanks to its dedicated fans. In the show, viewers follow two brothers – Sam and Dean Winchester – while they hunt supernatural beings and save people. As the show has gone by, their lives and the plot of the show has gotten wildly intense. They’ve died a few times and keep having to save the world from creatures like Lucifer and Darkness from destroying humanity. The show is definitely a lot to take in.

This season has brought back a lot of characters the show has killed off in the past. This isn’t really a surprise to any fans since the death toll for the two main characters are high (combined the brothers have died over 117 times – yeah, it’s a long story) so fans were eager to see who they’d bring back this season. Since a few seasons ago the show brought back the mother of the two brothers, which was the whole reason they went into hunting supernatural beings, so there isn’t much things that are out of the question. Fans have been really grateful this season, as of last night’s episode five fan favorites that were killed off as returned to the show. We’re going to count down the top returns of this season, hope you enjoy!

5. Bobby Singer

This didn’t come as a surprise to most fans since the character Bobby Singer, who plays as a father figure to the two brothers throughout the show, has been in every season of Supernatural despite dying back in season seven. It’s basically the one constant and sure thing that fans have going on the show. Fans know that they can expect actor Jim Beaver to make an appearance. While Bobby isn’t really the normal Bobby that the boys know, he’s another universe Bobby in which the boys don’t exist and the world has already gone through the apocalypse, he’s still a familiar face and fans rejoiced to see him once again.

4. Rowena

Although the powerful witch only came into the show around season ten, fans immediately grew to her. She wasn’t always on the Winchester’s side and most of the time double crosses them, she has had her good moments. She’s the most recurring female character on the show and has died in every season she’s been on except season ten and thirteen so far. Fans thought that she was gone for good after her last death, but of course she has a few tricks up her sleeve.

3. Kevin Tran

Kevin Tran, a prophet of God, didn’t deserve the death he faced. Then again most of the characters on the show don’t deserve the fate they’re left with. Kevin’s death was particularly hard for Sam because while Sam was possessed by an evil angel (this show is honestly so much to explain in one article) Sam was the one to kill Kevin. Of course, as most characters on the show, Kevin came back as a spirit to help the boys for a little bit longer until he made his peace and moved on. This season, though, in the same apocalyptic universe that Bobby Singer exists in, so does another version of Kevin. Although he hasn’t crossed paths with the brothers, yet, it’s a likely chance we’ve got that to look forward to.

2. Charlie Bradbury

Fan favorite, the Charlie Bradbury. Last night’s episode saw the return of the beloved character. Charlie is easily my favorite character in the series. Many fans have credited the fact that she’s lesbian (which gives fans representation in the show) and a very strong woman as to being reasons why they love her so much. She was a hacker, helped the Winchesters on several occasions, and declared herself the first modern Woman of Letters (counter opposite to the Men of Letters which is a secret society aside from normal hunters of supernatural beings that do their own thing, kind of like a club) Needless to say she was pretty awesome. Not only was she an awesome character, but she was very important to the brothers. Dean even jokingly referred to her as “the sister I never wanted.” Her death was also very gruesome and effected Dean tremendously. The fans also were pretty upset after her death, which the show producers knew would happen. “Charlie Bradbury is the one character that I know if I killed her, you’d all kill me,” co-producer Jim Michaels told fans. After three seasons, she’s back. Well, kind of… she’s another character in the apocalyptic universe that isn’t the same as the other universe her. This one doesn’t know of the Winchesters and is still fighting to save lives of her people. Dean saw her about to be executed in last night’s episode and came to her aid. Later on Dean had to leave her behind to go back into his universe before the portal closed on him. Surely, she’ll make a return soon. Maybe she’ll even cross over into the present universe.

1. Gabriel

Now, the only reason I ranked him higher than Charlie is because he’s been dead so long and I almost forgot about him. His death was about eight years ago and he’s only made one appearance since then on season nine and even that was an illusion. Gabriel, the youngest archangel, is definitely a powerful being. He separated himself from the constant fighting going on in heaven and escaped to earth where he lived for thousands of years and adopted the identity of a trickster (a being that has the power of changing reality and make illusions look like real things) and the god Loki. Back in season five while the whole apocolapse thing was happening between archangels Michael and Lucifer and the world was about to end, Gabriel was one of the only archangels who had compassion to humanity which was expected since he’s lived with them for the past thousands of years. His brother Lucifer ultimately “killed” him, but not before he sent the Winchesters a secret message on how to lock up Lucifer to prevent the apocolapse from happening. So in his “last moments” on the show he was still trying to help save humanity and was rooting for the brothers. Well, it turns out he didn’t actually die. Lucifer killed the fake copy of him that Gabriel created to escape death. After faking his death, he explained that he resided in Monte Carlo for a while to stay out of the drama going down in heaven and with Lucifer. Later he was kidnapped and traumatized by a Prince of Hell who drained Gabriel’s powers to get more powerful. After being saved in last week’s episode by an enemy-turned-kinda-ally of the Winchesters, he was brought back and healed up by Sam. Only then to abandon the brothers when they needed him the most. He’s very likely to return or be forced back to help stop Lucifer and lock him back in the cage, until then we only got a glimpse of the powerful archangel before he left.


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