Kiyoko’s Expectations defines my expectations

On another ‘It’s here, it’s queer’, Hayley Kiyoko released her first full length album called, Expectations and it is the gay anthem album of the year. For anyone who identifies as a member of LGBTQA+ community but is looking for a music artist who is also LGBT and produces music about their experiences that relate to most LGBT members, then Hayley Kiyoko is the artist for you.

As someone who is pan-sexual and not straight, Kiyoko’s album relates to my experience of living through life, looking for love myself. Her track list provides a diverse set of different genres that you can’t get bored of listening. Having a favorite song to choose from is difficult to say but “What I need” (Ft. Kehlani) is one of my top favorites of the album since it relates to the issue of having a partner who does not want to be publicly seen with their lover. While it clearly an experience of Kiyoko having with a girlfriend of hers not wanting to embrace her sexuality and seen in public, it is relatable to anyone despite having a straight relationship.

Another song called “He’ll Never Love You Like I Do” (HNLY) demonstrates the relationship Kiyoko has with a girl but the girl also is in a relationship with a man, only with Kiyoko to play with her feelings. This makes Kiyoko frustrated because the man her partner is in a relationship with will never love the girl as much as Kiyoko. This is a pretty relatable song for me, of having to watch a relationship of a girl I liked but only been pushed to the side. In addition, Hayley Kiyoko is of Japanese descendent, with her music, she brings more Asian representation in the LGBT community where majority of Asian countries dismiss the idea of gay or LGBT sexualities.

Overall, the album is a great representation of LGBT members in positive like, having the same heartbreaks as traditionally straight couples do. I would rate the album a 9 out of 10 stars since this is an album anyone can listen to understand LGBT members or just to spark a conversation on how we should acknowledge that we all feel the same heartbreaks and feelings when it comes to love.

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