Anime Matsuri 2018

March 29 to April 1, 2018 was the 12th annual celebration for the Anime Matsuri Convention in Houston, Texas. Anime Matsuri is a 3-day anime convention that happens annually. The convention’s name plays off the word “Matsuri” which means festival in Japanese, to honor Japanese culture. The convention’s purpose is to unite Houstonians and people around the world on celebrating and honor Japanese cultures, specifically anime. Even, the Mayor, Sylvester Turner put on an Akatsuki cloak to show his admiration for the convention and join in on the fun.

Despite being primarily to honor Japanese culture, Matsuri has an overwhelming support to also honor other nationalities and countries around the world.  Typically, Matsuri has numerous guests from different backgrounds but has roles that could be linked with Japanese society and animations. Matsuri has hosted from Studio Trigger, Funimation, voice actors, etc. Matsuri is also a great place to display popular, well-known cosplayers to even local cosplayers to connect. There are also local gaming tournaments held at Matsuri, where anyone can show their skills in their favorite games like Overwatch, Dragon Ball Z, etc. Or even battle it out in card games like Magic. There’s something for everyone there.

This year at Matsuri was no different, despite the threat of boycotters, it did not stump many of the attendees from attending the convention. There were mass amounts of people who were at Anime Matsuri to celebrate something they all love, anime and Japanese culture. There were mass numbers of cosplayers displaying their hard earn work through the year for this event, it truly shows as they walked around and being taken pictured of.

The lineup of guests this year, such as: B-Project, Zwei, Honey Popcorn, and much more. Brought different fans from around the world, even from Japan themselves to see their idols beyond the screens of their devices. While there were some issues with guests getting their autographs on time, the autograph department at Anime Matsuri did an exceptional job at working together to get through unexpected obstacles and fires that they had to put out themselves. Great job you guys!

There were new attractions from Japan that were temporary for the Anime Matsuri convention, such as the Evangelion Exhibit and Sailor Moon store. This brought so many fans to gather as they could see the progress of Evangelion or even, sign up to be guardians of the universe as an official Sailor Moon fan.

There were also the formal attractions like the Crystal Gems Ball to honor Steven Universe in a formal setting. People found themselves dancing in the rave, partying like there’s no tomorrow. The musical guests performed for the attendees, much to the delight of B-Project and Honey Popcorn fans.

In the end, the convention this year was just as fun as the previous years, despite the drama that has speculated around the convention. It was nice to see so many people coming together to have fun over things they love, some might have developed and found new friends, while others reunited with ones they don’t get to see otherwise. If you’re a lover of anime, gaming, cosplaying, movies, and so on, then Anime Matsuri is the place for you to experience. So, come by the Houston Area, to experience Matsuri for yourselves.

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