Gallant Returns

Christopher Gallant more commonly and professionally recognized as Gallant make his return to the music scene since his sudden hiatus in 2017. Gallant was born on November 14, 1991 in Washington, D.C. He did not live much of his live where he was born though as his family and him moved to Columbia,  Maryland where he lived out his middle and high school years. He picked up his love for music in his middle school day being mainly influenced by R&B and Alternative Rock as you can tell if you were to listen to his songs. in 2014 he self released his debut EP, “Zebra”. 

Fast forward two years and the Washington D.C. artist releases his debut studio album “Ology”  under Mind of a Genius Records. He is mostly recognized from everyone for his hit song “Weight in Gold” featured in movie trailers, games and other forms of media.  The album was critically acclaimed as a breakthrough in the R&B scene and music in general. The album was praised highly due to its sound, voice, and lyricism brought by Gallant. The Guardian stated “If this is what R&B’s future looks like it’s brighter than ever”. The album received 4/5 and 8/10 ratings back to back from Pitchfork and Entertainment Weekly. 










This garnered the attention of not just music lovers but artists alike. Over the span of the year following his debut Gallant has been able to collaborate with artist such as ZHU, Jhene Aiko, John Legend, and Jack Garratt all respected names in their own genres and business and in general. Perhaps his most notably was his East meets West collaboration with Gallant meeting with South Korean stars, Eric Nam and Tablo for the single “Cave Me In”. This created a bigger buzz around Gallant’s name.










After so much went on Gallant suddenly just, disappeared. No new music was being put out by the growing superstar and it made fans wonder. He consistently kept up with social media but there was no music at all, no noise form the R&B sensation. After some time he dropped hints of him having troubles and some depression which made fans care for him but also did not stop him from creating what he loved. After some time he let fans know of updates that he would create new music and even gave out his number for fans to message him! It really only strengthened the love fans had for the artist and anticipated his music even more.


After a good long year, Gallant releases his new year single Gentleman accompanied by a visual on his channel on Youtube. The songs is a slower R&B track with light and subtle instrumentals with his voice creeping up on the listeners as if it was a more intimate listening experience. It shows a much more mature side of his music in the sense of lyrics and production to create a scene that was not shown before by Gallant. It is a great song showing off his vocals still in amazing condition and makes fans crave more of what Gallant has to offer. It seems he doesn’t wish to be counted out yet and I’m all for it and hopefully so are you.

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