Ready Player One

Released on March 29, 2018, Ready Player One is a newly released movie that was based off a book adaption to hit the screens and it did not disappoint. The movie was well received by many, as it played into every video gamer’s dream of being the main character of their own story. It’s a movie with so many metaphors that breaks the stereotype of video games, even challenging the idea that video games make people more violent.

Being a big gamer myself, I was already anticipating the release of the movie since the trailer was released. Every gamer and I can agree that Easter eggs are the best, whether it’s in a movie, video game, or in a book, trying to find every one of them can be a fun adventure. In the Ready Player One trailer, there was so many Easter Eggs within that 2 minutes and 22 seconds’ trailer. Whether it was a certain silhouette of a video game character, a type of video game weapon, etc. It was enough to set the internet on fire onto their own adventure to decipher the trailer. From seeing Harleyquinn to my favorite, gundam; Ready Player One has so many gaming references for gamers of all kind.


There were things I worried about when it came to gaming movies: one, was female characters; two, the video game plot, and three, diversity. These worries were basically blown out of the water for me, while there were few female characters, they were strong characters to look up to. One is a famous streaming gamer, who is part of a rebellion and born with a birthmark, this character speaks out to me since most streaming gamers are male since gaming industry has been more catered to men than women. In addition, she is part of a secret rebellion with an interesting backstory compared to the main character and as a female love interest. Another female character is a successful gamer who best friends with the main protagonist, who has a big reputation of building video game replicas. These two characters also break the idea of having only one female character in a group, which is typical of movie tropes to portray.

The gaming plot is another worry coming in since most movies with video game references are, dare I say, bad. This comes with a heavy heart, since most entertainment companies must require rights to use certain characters for marketing, movies will try use characters for unnecessary things like attract audiences. As well as, movies with video game plots do not typically satisfy mass amounts of gamers as they’re immersive as video games. But this movie, once again proven me wrong, the incorporation of games into the movie was so vital and it was played out so well.

Diversity of this film also was such a seller for me, I did not expect to have a diverse cast of main characters, especially since in the gaming industry, despite most video games originating in Japan, most video games movie are white dominated with lack of Asian representation. So, it really was refreshing to see not only a group of main characters include 2 main female protagonists but also a mostly person of color cast.

In the end, I would rate this movie a 10 out of 10 stars and highly recommend it to anyone watching it! Even if, you’re not a gamer, I highly suggest watching the movie as it holds a great plot and story that goes beyond video games.


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