Maxo Kream Celebrates His Birthday With a Hometown Performance

On Wednesday, March 28th, hundreds of people flocked to Warehouse Live for local rapper Maxo Kream’s Houston stop on his national Punken tour. The show was held in Warehouse Live’s Studio, which was packed to the brim with eager fans. Even though doors didn’t open until 7:00 PM, a line formed down the block from the venue, some saying they waited for over an hour to be the first inside.

Maxo is a well known rap artist and producer from Houston, who’s debut studio album Punken was released this past January.

The show kicked off at 9:00 PM with Maxo’s supporting artist, Cuz Lightyear. Lightyear cruised through a handful of songs, and helped get the anxious crowd ready for the headline set, ending with a rendition of Happy Birthday for Maxo.

After waiting for over two hours, the fans were ready for the show they all had come for. Just after 10:00 PM, Maxo finally appeared, and the crowd went wild. Performing songs from his new album, along with numbers from previous mixtapes and collaborations, the local rapper enthralled the eager fans with an energizing performance.

As the show went on, Maxo doused the crowd with his water bottles, and the fans loved it, jumping and moving with the music.

Maxo’s great stage presence drew the crowd’s attention, and after a short pause to hype up the fans, the rapper continued through another few of his songs before throwing even more water from the stage, an act which has become synonymous with many rap shows.

After an exciting show, Maxo ended with Roaches, the penultimate song on Punken.

All in all, it was a good show, and a great way for the artist to perform for his hometown.

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