Brad Paisley’s 12th Rodeo performance

Brad Paisley played a spectacular show on Saturday night, a great ending to the Houston Rodeo concert season of 2018. Still, I’m not a country fan but Brad Paisley made it onto my list of country artist’s that I can tolerate hearing on the radio. Paisley is a notorious Houston Rodeo performer, this year being his 12th performance in Houston, Texas.

It truly showed in the fans of Houston of how popular Brad Paisley is, with over 17,000 attendees at the Rodeo that night. There were even some fights that broke out over Brad Paisley’s tickets. It’s understanding how fans love Brad so much, he played like he was at home, interacting with the floor level fans. Brad took his time giving out guitar picks to younger fans, taking selfies with people, even going as far to taking a woman’s phone and trying to find her most embarrassing purchase on Amazon.

Brad showed his liking to the popular Netflix show, Stranger Things by appearing on stage while the theme was playing but Brad was no stranger to playing at the Houston Rodeo.

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