OneRepublic unifies Houston

Emotions; that’s everything that was felt throughout the performance of OneRepublic and the audience. The pop rock band took the stage Wednesday, March 14th to bring together the hearts of everyone in attendance and create an unforgettable experience for the fans. The chants of the audience only made the concert more vibrant and full of life even if the songs were slow or fast a full 110% was given by OneRepublic and the attendees alike. The band performed a great variety of their songs from across their discography from “Secrets”, “Love runs out”, “Stop and stare”, “Feel Again”, and perhaps one of their most memorable, “Apologize”. It definitely resonated with people from many ages young or old everyone was doing some sort of motion showing their liking to the performance that night. Lead singer Ryan Tedder would stop occasionally to say thanks and reintroduce some of the band’s older songs with dad jokes or corny puns which was actually nice and would get laughs out of the people creating this positive synergy around the arena throughout the night. He also mentioned songs he wrote or co wrote with other artists and performed those songs such as “Happiness” by Ed Sheeran and the crowd stopper “Halo” by Houston’s own Beyonce. OneRepublic would creating a different world with each of their songs but was always a welcoming world to those who just wanted a good time. People smiled brightly and their eyes would widen as big as they could, Screams and chants kept through the set and did not die out like a fire that would not give no matter what. The Colorado based band was definitely a crowd favorite and left their mark for Houston to remember the name OneRepublic and remember that Houston was a separate world that night.



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