Marielle, PRESENTE!

A city, a country, a world is missing the life of a dear sister.

This past Wednesday, March 14th, councilwoman Marielle Franco was shot to death after attending an event for the empowerment of black women.

She posted a live video on her Facebook as the event was happening and she made this comment on it:

The translations are not the best, but we can still get the idea. The world still needs her answers. 

She was a warrior who dedicated her life to being a voice for those who couldn’t make their own heard.

The weight over my heart and many others is heavy.

Disagree with me if you want, but this murder has proved something: officeholders are so afraid of losing power that they are more willing to kill than to progress by solving the problems before them.

Had it been under my control, I would have published this story the second it was written in the streets of Rio de Janeiro. But, the sorrow and anger from both myself and those who knew her paralyzed me.

Is this the world we live in and the white collars we do business with? Someone (a government) opposed change so much that a “problem was solved” by taking away a life?

This life of beautiful purpose cannot be brought back.

But, her unwavering fight against injustice and inequality has been planted into the hearts of her followers, and they want whoever did this to know that the fight is not over yet.

“We know who killed Marielle.”

Yeah, we know.

“Quantos mais vão precisar morrer para que essa guerra acabe?” Marielle Franco.

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