Calibre 50’s corridos and love for Houston

official statement Look left, a smile. Look right, another smile. Did not matter where one looked, every space on Go Tejano Day was occupied by smiling people here and there, everywhere. Enjoying a Sunday full of endless fun and laughter.
The energy of the people in attendance was charming and refreshing as Calibre 50 brought with them their explosive energy of a four-membered band all the way from Mazatlan, Sinaloa (Mexico). They introduced songs that transmitted the love towards the crowd as couples, both young and old, shared a warm hug or a romantic kiss. The crowd’s energy amplified as Calibre 50 communicated their message of passionate immigrants working towards a better future in the land of the free and the brave prior to singing their famous “Corrido De Juanito”.

It was mesmerizing as the crowd shouted one more song to be played even after the band had hit their end time, but Calibre 50 being Calibre 50 satisfied their fans with a last hurrah. Going far and beyond to show Houstonians that they are for the fans and one with the fans.

The band’s performance was indeed a success as reflected by their record-breaking attendance of spectators with the most people showing up for their act compared to previous acts of Go Tejano Day.
It is simply amazing how even though Calibre 50 sings in Spanish the unity of the people was present. Not as Mexicans, Latinos, Houstonians, Texans, or Americans, but as a single entity sharing a day full of infinite joy and harmony with the uplifting beats and lyrics of the everyday person living life.

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