Zac Brown Band’s rocking night at Rodeo Houston

As we come to our final week of rodeo action, Monday night the Zac Brown Band killed it. They definitely opened up the last week of the rodeo with a bang. The Grammy award winning band is no newbie to the scene, they’ve came to Rodeo Houston in 2011-2015, as well as just last year. I’m sure all the non country singer fans out there are wondering who exactly they are, but I’m sure you’ve heard of them. You know that song about chicken fried? That’s them.

Their song “Chicken Fried” is hands down my favorite one. They closed the show with that. They also played their fan favorite song “Toes” which is another great one. The show Monday night was pretty epic. Their recently new song, “Colder Weather,” brought the whole stadium close to tears. It sure is a tear jerker and a beautiful song. The dark stadium was lit up completely by the crowd lights. They definitely put on an amazing show that got people of all ages singing and dancing along to some of their songs. I had an incredible night with the Zac Brown Band!

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