Houston’s Unforgettable night with Thomas Rhett


Thomas Rhett’s performed at the Rodeo Houston Wednesday, March 7, 2018, in Houston and stole thousands of hearts. As his second return to Houston’s Rodeo, Rhett performed immediately beginning with the song “Life changes” the main song to his album “life changes.”
Most of his songs are based on the struggles of life or recall someone specific, be it his wife, his father or some other famous singer from generations past. Rhett was not afraid to mention any of the meanings to his songs with more emotion, “Marry me,” being one which brought the whole stadium to a complete darkness but the twinkling of the lights from phones of the audience.

Throughout the concert his own type of style would be added with a twist of semi-rocking smash’s and pop into the mix. With no fear to play around and incorporate different styles into his country genre and the audience loved it. Throughout the middle a Jazz solo was also introduced by a musician.
Rhett even jumped offstage during the song “Vacation,” a beach-bro style, and ran around the stadium, high-fiving fans and using a phone to take a selfie with the whole stadium. Rhett was very energetic and ecstatic to be there, and the crowd knew it, it was an unforgettable night for the city of Houston with the stadium completely full. Till next time Rhett.

Myion Chatman

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