Genuine fraud: spoiler free book review




All in that order, E. Lockhart delivers another cunning story full of twists at every turn in her YA follow up novel to the critically acclaimed We Were Liars. Genuine Fraud, whose title alone conveys an oxymoron and gives readers a sneak peek into the psychological complexities that “lie” on every page.

This story is told exceptionally in unchronological order and  follows the complicated and deeply consequential friendship between Imogen and Jule. The pair could not be more different, but each longs for the chance to be free of the circumstances that entangle them.

As their friendship progresses, so does the amount of questions surrounding the conditions and reasoning of their relationship. Imogen and Jule slowly become a fitting example of the life long question of just how well we can really know one anyone.

thoroughly details the often intricate obstacles that push people to make controversial decisions, and a lack of care for those who are affected by them. The perplexing aftermath of those decisions matched with the fast paced tone of Lockhart’s writing camouflage the true stakes of the story until the very end.

Packed with cinematic action, dark humor, and the power of the mind, Genuine Fraud will give readers a one of a kind outlook and insight into the labyrinth that is the system of class, wealth, and status.

This book provides new meaning to the concept of playing pretend and will leave readers tappling what really determines the makeup of one’s identity, and how far one is willing to go in order to change that.


Rating: 4/5

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