Strangers: Prey at Night dies in the movies

Strangers: Prey at Night was a thriller that keeps you on edge throughout the whole film. It was a horror movie that had decent jump scares that only occurred 3 times but really build on the tension of the idea of survival. I did not enjoy the movie too much as it felt like every other horror movie I’ve watched in the past but even more frustrations as I watched.

While I did not see the first The Strangers movie, this movie did not do a good job explaining anything so I didn’t know entirely on what was going on or the references of the killers.  So, naturally, I pay attention to what I know and that was the scenery and music. The scenes were interesting as they were solely focuses on the character’s reactions, so the tension is built for the audience since we can’t see what they’re initially reacting to. Though, it gets very annoying as the characters are just as annoying.

The characters follow that rebellious teen trope in a ‘perfect’ family, but you’ll realize that the characters aren’t even following a clear plot. The movie is basically a watch actors pretend that they’re dying but in stupid ways. There are many situations in the movie where there are ways the characters could escape from the killers or at least defend themselves. So, brace yourself to cringe a lot in seeing people die cause they don’t think clearly; let’s be honest, that’s how horror movies are structured, to make audience learn.

Overall, I’ll rate the movie a 6/10 since it was pretty average, there was that moment of ‘hey, that was a good jump scare’ or ‘haha, you got me there’ but I kept being frustrated by the idiocy of the characters in the movie where it hid the plot of the movie. The ending was a cliff-hanger that just leaves more unnecessary questions than answered. I highly suggest watching the first movie to understand the killers, because I was pretty unsatisfied with them, they are literally written to have no motivations to kill by the director. It is unsatisfying but I give them props cause it clearly shows the message that murders just happen for no reason. In that note, stay safe, know that if you’re being chased by a group of killers, you’re never safe, and always check your back.


Watch a video for the previous Strangers movie explanation:

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