Alessia Cara’s Rodeo debut

Yesterday Alessia Cara brought down the house in NRG stadium for many fans who came out to the Houston Rodeo. She started off strong and went out even stronger. She played songs such as her hits “Stay” and “Scars to Your Beautiful.” Even though it was her first ever Rodeo performance, you couldn’t tell. She definitely had a great stage atmosphere and rocked the stage like she’d been to Houston dozens of times.

The Grammy award winning performer, brought all of NRG to its feet in joy. There was even a special moment where she recognized everyone who’d came with their loved ones. Cara dressed in an oversized t shirt and jeans, she definitely looked comfortable. Everything about her seemed so relatable. There has been critics over her wardrobe, though, just after she closed up someone took to Twitter judging her outfit choice stating:

“You should present yourself better… if you want to go anywhere with your career… Can’t believe you wore an oversized T-shirt at a concert you’re singing at.”

It’s a good thing Alessia Cara doesn’t care what that person had to say. Regardless, it’s her concert and she can dress the way she likes. And newsflash, she’s already going everywhere with her career, it’s the reason why she’s in Houston after all. I don’t think the Grammy award winner cares too much about what one person says on the internet. Nonetheless, she shot back in defense of herself saying in response to the Twitter user:

“I’m doing just fine, Shannon.”

Yes, yes you are Alessia Cara. Don’t listen to what the haters say. Houston enjoyed the show and we hope you come back in the future to rock out with us.

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