First experiences with Kelsea Ballerini

First experiences always leads to new discoveries.


Kelsea Ballerini is a 24 year old country pop singer and songwriter. This has been the first time I listen to country music without interruptions. To my surprise, this was her first time on stage with a large amount of people. On March 3, 2018, we all made new discoveries.

“So this is what 70 thousand people looks like.”

I wouldn’t say that I’m not a fan of country music. I would listen to one song here or there but I was never eager to listen to more. Well, that has changed now.

“I hear everything is bigger in Texas.”

I always had the idea that country music was all about breakups and Kelsea Ballerini confirmed it herself. Although, she showed us trying something new can always be a challenge but at the end, its worth it. She performed a love song that she wrote after she fell in love and got married, “I Hate Love Songs.”

Overall, her performance was really eye opening. Now I do want to listen to more country songs. I especially love how emotions are brought through the genre in a mixture of ballads and blues. There was a moment were chills went down my spine. Not only because of the song that was playing, but because of the crowd shining their flashlights in the dark. Creating a mesmerizing view.

“Thank you for changing my life with music everyday.”


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