One, two, three, four, EVERYBODY JUMP!

Presenting the North American ‘KOLONY TOUR.”

useful reference And so we begin with another amazing concert night with such amazing people. By far one of the greatest performances I have experienced that will remain unforgettable for my friend and I.

March 2, 2018

First of all, this was her very first concert attending so I was committed to making sure she had a blast. Although as soon as the show started, I knew I didn’t have to do anything. All the performers took care of it.

When we arrived, the first thing we did was obtain our passes and had some time left to spare. This is where it all begins. We started making small conversations with others and shared our common interests which included the performers. Soon enough, we noticed that they were letting VIP fans have an early entrance for their backstage experience. We could hear the screams from outside which made everyone else eager for the doors to open.

As soon as we walked in around 8:00 pm, the first performers were already ready and began playing as soon as they saw the crowd walk in. It felt like a welcoming to a party. To our surprise, the entire show was being live streamed with the purpose of a final documentary of the tour. This night, everyone was giving everything they had.


Party Pupils

I’ve never heard of “Party Pupils” but from what I experienced, they really know how to party. This dynamic duo started off the night. I was unfamiliar with their sound but that night, they managed to make me want to know more about them. As for the tour, they had announced that Houston was their last show for the Kolony Tour.

Twitter: @partypupils

Instagram: @partypupils

Interesting fact. I have noticed that when I’m unfamiliar with an artist that’s performing, I always encounter them somehow. After the show ended, my friend and I were waiting for my parents to pick us up outside. As we were waiting, we stood almost next to the tour buses. Suddenly we noticed someone walking towards our direction, Party Pupils. At first we were hesitant if it was them but as they got closer, we confirmed our doubts and were amazed. We figure that after a show, they simply want to rest so we made space for them to walk by without bothering them.



Now its time for another trip. Coming from Canada, Aaron Waisglass or also known as “Grandtheft” by his stage name. From Toronto, Canada, that night he brought his sound and gave an amazing performance. This was the time were we started to loosen up more. Luckily, next to us was a group around the same age as us. They sure did put into action the saying, “Dance as if no one is watching.” Not only were people starting to sing along, they were also starting to dance.

During Grandtheft’s set, he brought back Max from Party Pupils for a song, “Square One.”

“Put those hands in the sky for me. Houston, Houston, Houston.”

That moment that they performed together, they delivered a larger energy that had everyone off their feet including myself. It is inspirational seeing two artists sharing the same genre on the same stage as one. Showing the connection that can be found instead of competition among them.


Bok Nero

Speaking about sharing connections, the following set was very shocking in a good way. As they started, playing, I was familiar with more songs that I remembered the lyrics to. I though to myself, “Finally I can sing along!” What I really liked about this performance was that they had times were instead of being hyper, they had soothing moments. The type that you could relax while listening but not fall asleep. As surprising as it sounds, they have the talent to make it work.

When a sound change was made, I noticed they did a special dedication. They made a special connection with Latino fans and played a Spanish song. Something I’ve never experienced before. This was also inspirational by them bringing out other ethnicities. Simply proving how there can be a connection among each other whether an interest is shared or not.




Sidney Royel Selby III is an American rapper known by his stage name, Desiigner. I was eager for his performance and was not disappointed at all. I heard about him by his most iconic mark, “bbrraaaa.” With the song, “Panda” he caught my attention and made me want to know more about him.

That night, he was accompanied by three others and together they gave a spectacular performance. Here is where we begin to get a little messy as well. From the beginning, we already knew that we weren’t getting out with clean clothes.

As they began to interact more with the crowd, lucky fans had the opportunity to be closer with them. Whether they were shaking their hands or were even invited on stage for a once in a lifetime opportunity. What was most exciting was when water was being thrown. Especially since it the atmosphere was hot.


Steve Aoki

The highlight of tonight.

The one and only, Steve Aoki.





Seven Hiroyuki Aoki, or also known as Steve Aoki by his stage name, is an American electro house musician, record producer, DJ, and music executive. Tonight was the night we were all eager for and the time was finally here.





He shared many of his new songs and provided huge entertainment. He also brought in a Latino vibe with the recent song, “Azukita,” that had everyone off their feet. Since the beginning, the crowd found their own way to enjoy themselves along with every performer. During this song, he made his way towards the crowd for a little refreshment. As he shaked bottles, we all knew what was coming. As soon as the song hit that beat, Steve opened the bottles and splashed them all around.

During his set time, one by one, he invited the previous performers to join him for a song. All together putting on the best performance for the crowd. Hold on a second. Not only did he bring the performers on stage, he also brought lucky fans to play with him. All jumping on stage with excitement.

Remember the movie, “Titanic”?

Well so do we. And what a better way than with the face of Steve Aoki causing a humorous moment.

For the grand finally.

You can’t have a party without cake. As soon as “Cake Face” began to play, all posters were up in the air. Get ready to be caked. Hundredths of targets with only 12 cakes to spare. One by one, Steve Aoki began throwing cakes which drove the crowd crazy! Everyone was waiting to get some cake on them. Even if it was a little piece.

“Cake me, Cake me, Cake me!”

With cakes being thrown in the air, people were getting caked in the face. Everything was covered in cake, even the floor, making it slippery but no one cared at all. Everyone was so entertained that the mess just made their adrenaline fire up more.

Now the party was complete and it was time for closing.

I still couldn’t believe what we had just experienced.

Overall, like I said before, this has been one of the best concerts by far that I have been to. They really left all their energy on the stage and pleased the crowd to the fullest. This has been an experience that will remain forever.


Angela Torres

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