Little Big Town- Houston Rodeo Concert 2

can you buy accutane in thailand On February 28, Houston was taken to the heart of their music with Nashville’s own Little Big Town (LBT). LBT is a four member country group formed in 1998 and consists of founding members Karen Fairchild, Kimberly Schlapman, Jimi Westbrook, and Phillip Sweet. Throughout their performance they would give thanks and appreciation for those serving the US armed forces and would stop in between songs to give small talks here and there for the people of Houston. It didn’t feel necessarily like a full blown concert it was more welcoming like if a group in the crowd decided to get up and play on stage. They were a great act and they welcomed the audience as well or at least that’s what it felt like. Throughout the songs it was refreshing to hear the group alternate vocals and backup vocals making every song different but still have their feel and mark. The definitely kept the crowd alive with their tracks, “Girl Crush”, “Tornado”, “Better Man” as some of there more energetic songs but were also able to slowly brings a spacious atmosphere with their slower tracks towards the end putting them on a good ending note. This was my first country artist seeing live and fully listening to a country artist in general which made the experience a bit unfamiliar but definitely interesting and appreciative.

Little Big Town is under Capitol Nashville in release for new music and carry more than 4 full length albums with many hit singles among the top 100 country charts.






















Jimi Westbrook takes lead vocals in the opening for
Little Big Town. A more heartfelt song to start of  their concert in Houston.









The group finishes up their fourth song to give thanks

to military personnel and thanks Houston for hosting them at the livestock rodeo. Talk about each other for a small bit and continued afterwards.










Electric guitarist comes from the shadows to join Jimi W.and Phillip S. in a guitar break midsong and the crowd loves it. Almost seemed as if they were competing with one another.














Karen Fairchild is powerful during her lead vocals performances for “Tornado” and “Girl Crush” Kimberly Schlapman back up with strong harmonies and backup vocals.






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