Annual bar-b-que cook off fires up houston

click here The annual Bar-B-Que Cook off took place at the rodeo this past weekend and sizzled its way into the heart of Houstonians that attended. Before setting foot on rodeo grounds, those who appeared were served a fresh whiff of the fiery aroma the meat produced from the grill as they made their way out of their cars. The cook off attracted the attention of people from all over who shared one common interest–the love of food. The turnout reiterated the power of good ol’ Texas barbecue to unite Houston natives for a contest they look forward to every year. Especially since so many people have experienced devastation at the hands of Hurricane Harvey just half a year ago.

Most who entered into the contest were seen sporting credential passes and badges around their necks, in order to receive access into the most exclusive cook off tents that featured finalists and returning champions. Attendees who were looking for a lively atmosphere and a taste of home but lacked credentials, were granted admittance into The Garden, Rockin’ Bar-B-Que Saloon and the Chuck Wagon for free food and a good time.

As the sun went down, the number of spectators quickly ascended, all eager to receive their fair share of the meat finely prepared and flaming all around them. As swiftly as people grabbed a plate of barbecue, people of ages flocked to the dance floors to the sound of country music that matched the rhythm of their boots. 

After enjoying the fierce competition and spirited atmosphere, folks made their way to the carnival to extend their night of entertainment. The screams of sheer terror and excitement that came from those brave enough to endure the scariest rides, and the lighting from the ferris wheel filled the rodeo grounds with a exhilarated atmosphere.

This year’s annual cook off proved once again that the combination of tasty food, great music, and competitive spirit will always be able to brighten up even the darkest of days.


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