Donald Trump does not listen to survivors

Yesterday, Donald Drumpf held a listening session with survivors and families of victims of the Florida High School massacre. To hear their stories and offer solutions to their problems and issues. While they are people personally affected by this tragedy, it is also noted how one sided the viewpoints were for the listening session. It’s already made obvious that the lack of an appearance from Emma Gonzales to voice her opinion is to stir the conversation to a more conservative light than hearing both sides.

There was a lack of students who have made their presence known and heard to the world for calling on government to initiate gun control. It was disappointing to see that the government that they lived in Florida, as well as, the United States. Not listen to the voices of reasons from these young adults. As they voted to stop the bill on banning assault rifles, which is directly the weapon of choice most white nationalist, terrorists use in mass shootings. They voted against this bill right in front of the survivors of the Florida school massacre. It further shows that legislation does not care for the children that they were to protect but rather the money that was given to them from the National Rifle Association (NRA).

In Florida, any individual is able to purchase a firearm and ammunition without the necessary identification of a permit or a license. Even an individual can purchase a firearm without a license and/or an expired license. There is no age minimum for purchasing a firearm, so those who are under 21 cannot purchase alcohol but can purchase a firearm, including an assault rifle.

Back to the listening session, there were many viewpoints who view that having a staff teacher or a fire marshal of sorts, who is authorized to conceal a gun to be on every school campus. This would not help anyone but the individuals who get money from selling guns, the NRA. Since this will encourage more purchasing of guns and firearms. We don’t need more guns, we need more actions to prohibit the usage of unnecessary firearms, such as, assault rifles.

Imagine bringing a child into an education environment when a teacher has a gun in their classroom, the teacher can be responsible and lock the gun up to avoid students getting a hold of it. If a situation like a shooter enter the building, then the teacher is unable to obtain the gun. Then, there’s the scenario when a student can be the shooter and obtain the gun by knocking the teacher out or other methods. In addition to the previous scenario, it will become to the situation of a teacher having to shoot at a student. There is also the risk of a normal classroom setting, no one is under attack but a student is misbehaving where a teacher could threaten the student with the gun. In addition, teachers do not have the right funding for their career, on average making $22k. Where will the funding for firearms comes from?

Mental illness is also a term that is being thrown around with mass shootings. Mental illness can be a contributing factor but it also puts a more negative stigma onto those with mental health issues. With the current administration cutting down healthcare and the necessity of having healthcare, do they really care to help treat those who are “mentally ill”? Drumpf during the listening session, proposed the idea of bring back asylums, not political asylums but mental asylums that has a notorious reputation of raping, ill treatment, electrocution, abuse, poor treatment, and among other things. This is why they were closed down but this is how our administration wants to work.

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Posted by KHOU 11 News on Thursday, February 15, 2018

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