Gen Z stealing the Olympic spotlight

This year is the year for Generation Z-ers to make their presence known to the world, with the current winnings of Redmond Gerard and Chloe Kim in the Olympic games, both received golds for their qualifying scores for their respected sports. While the beginning of the year, there have been memes about the Gen-Z that were eating tide pods and doing unexplainable actions such as liking Logan Paul. It is also be celebrated that this year, Team USA has more diverse athletes to compete, such as more Asian-Americans like Chloe Kim and Mirai Nasagu, and Americans that are diverse on the LGBT spectrum is openly gay figure skater, Adam Rippon.


To those who don’t know, generation Z are born from the mid-1990s and range from the mid-2000. Both, Chloe Kim and Red Gerard are born in 2000, the same year as myself. Boy, do I feel way under accomplished as a fellow generation Z. Their fame as gold medalist has brought a wave of support as not only for their accomplishments for their wins but also their relatability, such as Red Gerard waking up late on the day of his competition, losing his jacket, and dropping the f-bomb on live, national TV. Chloe Kim was also tweeting about how hangry she was during her competition, making her more relatable to most people.

Chloe also received praised from one of her favorite singers and performers, CL. The singer posted a congratulation picture of Chloe and with the caption, “GZBs do it well…” GZBs are fans of CL.

Mirai’s triple axel:

While Mirai Nagasu and Adam Rippon, both did not win gold, they truly did in our hearts as they received metals in bronze for their figure skating. Mirai became the first US woman to do a triple axel during the Olympics, this is extraordinary as it is a difficult move to make. Adam has also won the hearts of people with his charms and his skating moves. It is also nice to point out the supportive relationship Adam and Mirai has, both became best friends when they were unable to originally compete the Olympics. They also bonded over the mistreatment they have received as an Asian and gay athlete.


In the end, congratulations to all of our Olympic champions on their wins. The influence of having a diverse team winning is truly something to be seen in future generations, as more younger generations will feel inspire to pursue their dreams.

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