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NEW YORK – FEBRUARY 15: An Oscar trophy is seen at the “Meet the Oscars” 50th Golden Statuettes press preview at Time Square Studios on February 15, 2008 in New York City. (Photo by Rob Loud/Getty Images)

The Oscars will reach the big 90 this year on March 4th, hosted again by Jimmy Kimmel who I thought did an excellent job at balancing both political commentary and humor into a nation that was head over heels when a special someone became president.

However, this year, Kimmel will have to tackle the topic of gender inequality – a  topic that has been going through Hollywood for quite a while but now time is up.

With the Weinstein allegations coming into light at what seems like the perfect timing along with many other celebrities, it seems as if this year will be dedicated to women all over the world who have been ignored of their presence and stripped from their identities. But the time is now where those issues will come to a halt.

Now on to my list and predictions for this year’s Oscars.




The Shape of water

Three Billboards in Ebbing, Missouri

Get Out *

I, Tonya

The Darkest Hour

Lady Bird


Call Me By Your Name

The Post


Honestly if Get Out wasn’t as good as it was this year, I would give my pick to I, Tonya for Best picture. But that’s not the case here. Get Out hit the world big and I mean big. Receiving universal acclaim from audiences and critics, brining originality, depth, and style back to the horror genre, as well as combining elements of comedy as well. From the acting, writing, directing, cinematography, and score, Get Out shoots itself at modern day audiences with the style of Ira Levin’s “Rosemary’s Baby” and “The Stepford Wives”, two films writer/director Jordan Peele drew from. Like a couple of film last year, Get Out proved that ability African American filmmakers and actors were indeed very talented. They just needed the right roles, right script, and the right director and Get Out proved that. I mean the film tackles racism by using tropes of the horror genre in an unconventional way where you are actually questioning the idea of what is happening on screen, can happen in real life ?



*Gary Oldman

Timothee Chalamet

Daniel Day Lewis

Tom Hanks

James Franco


With the prosthetics, and a performance that’s been praised by critics as the best Winston Churchill performance. I haven’t seen the film; however, I am a fan of Gary Oldman and I’m completely aware of the presence he brings to the screen. So, if anyone is to grab the gold at the end of Oscar night for best actor, it would be Mr. Oldman.




Martin McDonough (Three Billboards in Ebbing, Missouri)

Greta Gerwig (Lady Bird)

Christopher Nolan* (Dunkirk)

Jordan Peele (Get Out)

Guillermo Del Toro (The Shape of Water)


My pick and the Academy’s pick should be without a doubt Christopher Nolan. After receiving no nominations for films like The Dark Knight, Inception, Interstellar, or The Prestige, Christopher Nolan has been ignored of his talents. He’s the only director living today who has a consistent recognition of acclaim from critics and audiences. Creating films that are artistic as much as they are blockbuster epic, Mr. Nolan is The Director of this generation but according to the Academy that is false. But I really feel like this year is his year. Even though he lost the golden globe to The Shape of Water director Guillermo Del Toro, Nolan has created one of the greatest and most realistic warm films ever made in this year’s Dunkirk. So, if the Academy doesn’t award him the hardware, I might have to write a letter to the board myself.




Margot Robbie* (I, Tonya)

Saoirse Ronan (Lady Bird)

Frances McDormand (Three Billboards in Ebbing, Missouri)

Jessica Chastain (Molly’s Game)

Meryl Streep (The Post)


People took notice of Margot Robbie when she appeared for a couple of moments in Martin Scorsese’s “The Wolf of Wall Street”, alongside Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill. However even though she wasn’t on screen during most of the film, I felt like she deserved an Oscar nomination for best supporting actress. Now this year is a different story. Robbie stars in “I, Tonya” which kind of serves as a sister of wolf of wall street. The same type of filmmaking style, similar characters, but not as explicit or as vigorous as Wolf of Wall Street. Robbie puts on a performance that clearly puts her on top as best actress.




Three Billboards in Ebbing, Missouri* (screenplay by Martin Mcdonagh)

Get Out (screenplay by Jordan Peele)

The Big Sick (screenplay by Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordan)

Lady Bird (screenplay by Greta Gerwig)

The Shape of Water (screenplay by Guillermo Del Toro and Vanessa Taylor)


The Screenplay with that trails away from the clichés, writer/director Martin McDonough crafts a script felled with witty and profane dialogue, dark humor, and unique character arcs that’ll make sure raise your eye brows at the amazement of how the story is crafted. It’s no surprise really coming from this self-taught playwright who made several plays when he was twenty and getting nominated for his first full length script, “In Bruges”, which was nominated for Best Original Screenplay at the 2006 Oscars.




Christopher Plumer* (All the money in the world)

Sam Rockwell (Three Billboards in Ebbing, Missouri)

Richard Jenkins (The Shape of Water)

Willem Dafoe (The Florida Project)

Armie Hammer (Call me by your Name)


I must go with Christopher Plummer for the fact that he puts on a performance that is being critically lauded when it only took one to two weeks to film his scene. Since he replaced Kevin Spacey after the result of his sexual assault allegations.




Allison Janney* (I, Tonya)

Mary J. Blige (Mudbound)

Laurie Metcalf (Lady Bird)

Octavia Spencer (The Shape of Water)

Holly Hunter (The Big Sick)


Already winning the award at the golden globes, I think the winner for best supporting most obviously goes to Allison Janey. You might remember her voice from “Finding Nemo”, portraying laying the kind and friendly starfish that Nemo meets towards the second act of the film. However, in I, Tonya she a vulgar mouth mother trying to push her figure skating obsessed daughter, (excellently portrayed by Margot Robbie) to stardom. It’s clear from the start of the film that Janey is not a character to be messed with, and that feeling follows Robbie’s character throughout the entire film. So yeah, her performance is good and should most definitely be the Academy’s frontrunner for best supporting actress.

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