BLM activist killed

In recent years, the crimes against African-Americans that have been commit by police officers have rose significantly. Last year in 2017, only 14 days of the entire year, out of 365 days where police did not kill someone. To make matters more clear, black individuals or African-Americans are three times more likely to be killed by a police officer, a public servant than a white person. This is crimes that have been commit by police officers alone and not including hate crimes. Which goes into our topic of today, Muhiyidin d’Baha. D’Baha was known for the infamous video of a man jumping over a police barrier and snatching the confederate flag from its post.  The video has been viewed many times, some would even call it “iconic” as it represents the current attitude towards the flag. Unfortunately, on Monday, D’Baha was shot and killed. It is truly sad that a man who was a predominant figure in the Black Lives Matters Movement, becomes a statistic for the cause that he supports.

The confederate flag has gone under fire in recent news and media handles. There is a divide on whether the United States should keep the flag in schools, along with the statues of confederate soldiers on public lands and near schools as well. While some feel like it represents the American history of the United States, others like myself celebrates the racism that America used before modern times. Where people of color would often face hate crimes. D’Baha was a BLM activist who used his voice to channel and show the unfairness that the black community is subjected to. His death proves even more on why Black Lives Matter should be talked about and be treated more seriously. Rest in peace and rest in power, Muhiyidin d’Baha.

To help support d’Baha, please try to support your local Black Lives Matter chapter in your local area, contact representatives, and try to contribute to d’Baha’s family on their GoFundMe.

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