Adam Rippon, Team USA’s first openly gay qualified Winter Olympics athlete

As the Winter Olympics start, one man is making Team USA history as being the first athlete who qualify for the Winter Olympics to be openly gay. His name is Adam Rippon, age twenty eight, and is an athlete in figure skating. He came out back in 2015. Not only is he inspiring people across the country, but he’s also calling out VP Mike Pence. Pence has been claimed to support “conversion therapy.” For those who don’t know, conversion therapy is an unethical practice that tries to change a person’s sexual orientation, sometimes with extremes such as shock therapy. These places exists, despite many doctors and psychologists speaking out about them. They exist because people like Pence, who is now our current VP, support them. Pence tried reaching out to Rippon to schedule a meeting. Rippon declined.

While this feud definitely made his name more public, the public should be reminded that this is no new news. It’s not a surprise to most of us who already knew of Pence’s ways. Instead of giving him attention, we need to focus on the athletes and supporting Team USA. Especially considering that Rippon is making USA history. Rippon is truly an icon and idol to look up to. The man is awesome, in 2017 while performing his shoulder came out of place, which he continued to perform without stopping. He’s also been skating since he was ten. Hopefully he represents Team USA well in the competitions. The Olympics opening ceremony comes on NBC at 7PM tonight. Good luck, Adam, and to the rest of Team USA as the nation watches you all take on competitors from across the world. Team USA, bring home the gold!

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