It’s official, Kylie gave birth to a daughter

Like most people on social media, unless you live under a rock, know about the recent news that practically broke the internet before the Super Bowl, the official announcement of Kylie Jenner’s baby. While I’m not a Kardashian or Jenner fan, nor do I ‘keep up with the Kardashians’. I can’t help being happy for Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner on welcoming their first child.

Ever since news broke out of the youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner Clan being pregnant, Kylie went into hiding from the public’s eye. Even something she heavily relies on to promote her makeup brand which is her social media. There were many speculations on what exactly was going on, theories from her being pregnant to her doing for publicity to even being a surrogate for Kim Kardashian.

Regardless, Kylie shared a video on her social media accounts to welcome her daughter to the world and officially confirm that she was indeed pregnant. Despite all the memes circling about Kris Jenner being the one spilling the beans, Kris and along with the rest of Kylie’s family joined together in celebration for Kylie’s pregnancy. The video shows home footage of Kylie’s own birth before going into clips from Kylie’s best friends to her interactions with other kids and Travis Scott’s family, showing the journey over the 9 months that wasn’t shown to the public’s eye.

Being a celebrity that is watched and viewed at constantly, I can see how Kylie would stay hidden for months, so I respect her decision. It would have been more stressful for Kylie if she were to be public about her pregnancy seeing as Kim also faced backlash. The video that was posted really showed to me how human they (The Kardashians and Jenners’) are despite being constantly filmed. That behind the luxurious lifestyle they live, are human beings who care for their family. Now, there is not confirmation on what Kylie’s daughter name is but I do wish that Kylie and Travis have a successful relationship with each other and their daughter.

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