Philadelphia Eagles are Superbowl champions!

With all eyes on two very different teams Sunday night, the Eagles pulled through for the win. It’s no secret that the Eagles were the clear underdogs. As I said, the two teams differed greatly. The Patriots have won five Superbowl championships while this makes the first for the Eagles. Another factor to take into consideration was the quarterbacks. Tom Brady is an experienced player while Nick Foles is just now starting out. Not to mention Doug Pederson has only been a head coach for the Eagles for the last two seasons. Most thought the win would be an obvious and easy one for the Patriots, those people were wrong.

The Eagles dominated the first quarter. Each team got a field goal to start it off. Then the Eagles got a 34-yard touchdown pass to Alshon Jeffery, but missed the kick for the extra score. Of course, the touchdown was reviewed then confirmed. This caused them to take the lead 9-3, ending the first quarter. The second quarter showed major plays from both teams. To start off, an injury from Patriots’ Brandin Cooks caused him to not come back in the game afterwards. It seemed the Patriots were trying all the stops, eventually trying to succeed in a trick play which would put Brady in position to at least get a first down and possibly get a touchdown, Brady failed to catch the ball. The Eagles made a 21-yard touchdown run, they later tried for a two point conversion, but failed. This brought the score to 15-3. Later on, the Patriots intercepted the ball then later got a touchdown, but missed the extra point. The score was then 15-12. Just as the Patriots had some tricks up their sleeves, so did the Eagles. The Eagles pulled almost the same play that the Patriots played, with the exception of Foles actually catching the ball for a touchdown. The second half of the game ended with a score of 22-12.

Justin Timblerlake hit the stage for halftime while many people online complained that last year’s Lady Gaga performance was better. First of all, many Prince fans saw disrespect because Timberlake and Prince once feuded when Prince was alive, yet Timberlake stood up there and performed right next to a hologrammed version of the legend as if they were best friends. Also, Prince made very clear his wishes to not be hologrammed after death. Not only did Timberlake disrespect the deceased Prince’s wishes, but there was also a moment during the performance where he did a tongue and cheek reference to the wardrobe malfunction that humiliated Janet Jackson back during their 2004 Superbowl performance which caused her to be blacklisted by the league to perform. During the very song that they were performing during the malfunction, this Sunday Timberlake sung up to the part then stopped, giving the camera a cheeky smile. The amount of disrespect. He not only managed to disrespect one legend, but two all in one performance. It was an average performance. Halftime performances, at least for the Superbowl, are expected to be above average. Gaga did it better.

During the third quarter the Patriots came out strong, gaining a touchdown which brought the score to 22-19. The Eagles didn’t back down. Their next touchdown did lead to some controversy, some argued that Eagles’ Corey Clement didn’t have complete control of the ball when making the touchdown. The touchdown was reviewed and deemed good, bumping the score up to 29-19. The Patriots shot back with their own touchdown, closing the gap to a three point lead, 29-26. The Patriots took a lead in the fourth quarter, but not for long. With five minutes left of game, the score was 32-33 with Patriots leading. It was intense. With another controversial touchdown that later got ruled good, the Eagles led with 38-33. Brady fumbled and the Eagles took their opportunity to further their lead with a field goal. Score was 41-33. Brady attempted and failed at a final hail mary play. Eagles won their first Superbowl Championship!

After the Eagles won, Brady walked off without even shaking Foles’ hand to acknowledge a good game. Throughout the game, the Eagles must’ve knocked out the sportsmanship out of Brady. Or perhaps through the chaos of the Eagles winning he couldn’t find Foles… or who chose not to. Either way, it wasn’t Brady’s time to shine. It was Foles, the rookie, who led his team to their first Superbowl. He’s the hometown hero now. As the Vince Lombardi trophy made its way through the sea of players, many tears and cheers were shared. If you look very closely to right before the trophy makes it to the stage, you can even see a drunk Kevin Hart trying to get past security to “be there for his city,” as he later put it in an Instagram video apologizing for his drunken happy behavior. There’s no need to apologize, Kevin, your city won their first ever Superbowl. Who knows, maybe Houston will one day understand that feeling…

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