Battle of the Prom Dates

“Who are you taking to prom?”

“Who are you taking to prom?”

“Who are you taking to prom?”

As prom season rolls around, not only are girls shopping for the ideal dress and guys for the tie to match, but there is also this lingering question that seems to make its appearance in every conversation.

Carnegie Vanguard High School seniors Jasmine Singh (left) and Allyson Castillo (right) have made it their mission to find the perfect prom date, or just a prom date in general. Let’s be real. One can’t be picky when there are very few options in the first place. Students have already dove left and right claiming dates as if they were at a Black Friday sale.

Some of Jasmine and Allyson’s friends already have dates because they are in a relationship or because they are just natural snatchers. However, after months of searching, time is running out and the sea of options has been left scarce.

Allyson expressed, “To any juniors reading this, start securing your dates now. I wasn’t really worried about prom because it was like 236 months away. I guess my search officially started on January 1st when I realized that like I actually don’t have a prom date. The guys that I had considered going with were involved in new date rumors every week, so it became clear that they were taken! I tentatively want to go with one guy friend but I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO HINT THAT HE NEEDS TO ASK ME! My strategy is all of my friends jokingly asking guys to go to prom with me, but that is not working. I really want them to stop because everyone will think that I am taking prom as a joke but it is not a joke. I think I will have to man up and ask “Sooo, who are you taking to prom?” to like serious candidates. I want a date who is kind of cute and tall but I don’t really have standards because desperate times call for…you know. I think I want a date just for the promposal and pictures because I want a punny promposal just for fun! Is it illegal to ask a guy to prom and then make him prompose to me? My deadline to get a date is April 1st.”

This phenomenon is not just one that occurs with these two young ladies. High school seniors nationwide are familiar with the struggle.

How can future seniors avoid this crisis? When is it too early to begin looking for a prom date? Too late?

Actually, ignore those questions. They are of no importance.

Instead, let us start a movement. I am calling all dateless gals and guys to unite into one ideal couple. Our spirits shall accompany each other to every prom from now on.

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  • February 9, 2018 at 6:37 AM

    hi yes this rant is actually outdated bc the person i was trying to hint at rejected me LOL! soo um no more hinting to be done there


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