Walk The Moon concert review

Miracle and I were back at it again at yet another concert. This time we went to a personal favorite venue, The House of Blues. Last night at seven o’clock we lined up with the rest of the waiting fans. The line was long, but right at seven they let us in. The line went in fairly quick. The security made a quick job of screening us with hand held metal detectors. They even checked us twice which made me feel extra secure.

The opening act Company of Thieves, came on at around 8 o’clock. They had nice feeling music with an upbeat tempo. I’d never listened to them before, but I definitely went home that night to check out their music. I especially liked the ep album of theirs. They made sure the crowd got into it and it was genuinely really enjoyable.

Finally after the opening act, Walk the Moon took stage. By the sound of the crowd, their fan base was definitely a loyal one. Now I’ve only heard a few of their songs, mostly just the singles that play on the radio, but they are a pretty good band and I had a really enjoyable night.

Pictures from Photos by Raymond Gayle:

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