Logan Paul plays victim again

Logan recently commented on Cardi B’s instagram post Wednesday. Cardi B posted an image of herself at the Grammys with the caption of “They trinna crucify me like they did Christ”. Logan Paul, who has been under fire for posting a video of a dead body hanging in the suicide forest.

“lawlz you tell me”.

This brought a storm of people angry at Logan Paul as it implies that he’s being in trouble and is the victim of people’s dislike to him instead of the individual who filmed someone’s dead body and laughed it as if it was a joke.

While Cardi B is not the best role model for the situation, the fact that Logan Paul said this after his actions. Proves to show that he does not feel empathetic to suicide or the suicide victim, as well as the backlash that he is facing is unfair to him.

Twitter Image from below:


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