Joy Villa makes a pro-life statement at the Grammys

Once again, it’s award season and the Grammys were no exception to the rule. Like last year, most celebrities are making political statements whether it’s how they are dressed or accessorized to their performance. One in particular has made her statement once again, this individual is Joy Villa, only known for her last year’s Grammy Make America Great Again inspired dress. This year, Villa further shows her support for Trump and the Republican party by wearing a ‘Pro-Life’ inspired dress.

The dress is a white gown that has been hand painted a fetus surrounded by a rainbow. Topped with a clutch with the words, “pro-life” and a tiara. Villa was a truly a very conservative princess. While in America, people are protected by their first amendment of free speech. I do not support Villa’s dress but I do want to address the problem of people’s views on the pro-life vs. pro-choice and explain why we should be able to make our own decision when it comes to our own bodies, specifically have women control their own bodies.

Having an African-American woman like Joy Villa speak about the pro-life movement and supportive a president who has been called racist by different new sources, is beyond me but that is her right as an American citizen, it is her choice. Why I’m choosing to focus on Villa’s dress is to point out the irrelevance of her dress in the Grammy’s, as people were wearing white roses to support the initiative to stop sexual and the abuse of power in Hollywood.

When people state that they are pro-life, they support the idea that a woman, no matter what the circumstance, must have her pregnancy go to term. Typically, anti-abortion. While that is fine, in not supporting the idea of an abortion procedure. There should be a line drawn in invading another women’s privacy to have an abortion or restrict her in any way to limit her control of her own body, that should simply be under the 4th amendment. A majority of the supporters for this movement are statistically conservative Republicans and/or male. This is an issue as this should be a women-focused issue as, men should not have saying on how a woman wish to control her body. It also to be highlighted that when people say pro-life, they’re not seeing the women as a living being but the potential cells that are in her body. Once a baby is birth, they do not care what happens to it afterwards. Which is why I would rather the pro-life movement be referred to as ‘pro-birth’. Many Republicans who are in government cutting out healthcare, education programs, and so on, are forgetting that these are lives at stake that are living.

On the other hand, pro-choice is support of the idea that a woman has the choice that she, herself can make decisions for her own body. This is not pro-abortion or advocating for abortion to all solutions but rather, it should an option for woman to choose without a question. There different methods of having an abortion, but to reduce the death rate of illegal abortions is to make it safe and legal, whether surgical or pill. Fortunately, in this day and age, more people are understanding why it is an essential human right to have access to an abortion. Thanks to contraceptives, abortions are at an all-time low since pregnancy can be prevented.

Practice safe sex and use contraceptives so that you don’t have to come to the hard decision of whether to have an abortion, or don’t have sex. It is your body. It is how you would like to control it.


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