Attack on Titan (Anime Review) Every once in awhile, an anime appears that is completely shrouded around hype from the anime community itself. It’s the show that everyone talks about, the show that everyone needs to watch. But is Attack on Titan truly worthy of the hype it’s received? I certainly believe it is. Trust me when I say that this anime is not popular for no reason at all. Image result for attack on titan

This story is certainly one of the most captivating I’ve ever seen, it’s truly unique. One hundred years prior to the beginning of the anime, humanity has been on the brink of extinction due to a monstrous humanoid called “Titans”. What makes Titans so monstrous, you might ask? Well, to put it simply, Titan’s devour humans. Now, present day in the anime, the remainder of humanity lives inside of three ultra strong walls that everyone believes will protect them from the threat of Titans forever. Unfortunately though, a Colossal Titan, one even bigger than the three heavenly walls themselves, appeared seemingly out of no where and destroyed the outer wall. Thus, this marked the beginning of another titan massacre of mankind.

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Image result for attack on titan wall break


During this massacre, our main characters, Eren Yeager and Mikasa Ackerman watch in horror as a horrifying Titan rips their mother’s head off, then gobbles her up whole. Vowing that he’d one day avenge mankind and exterminate all the titans, Eren Yeager trains to become a survey corp, brave heroic soldiers who go outside the walls, into the plains in order to fight the Titans. But we soon find out, that Eren is much more special than he seems, not only is he a brave warrior, but he’s also something else that could be the key to humanity’s survival, but could also be humanity’s destruction.

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If I had to describe this anime in three words, I would describe it as being: Epic, Dynamic, and a Masterpiece. The suspense build up was beyond amazing, yet I found that there was still room for improvement. The anime not only includes lots of fights, but also lots of dialogue that give depth to every character and situation. More than once, you will be taken a bit into a characters past, which allows you to see how they became the exact person they are. This anime is able to do all of this, without being boring. I find that this is one of it’s true strong points. Among these things, the anime also includes lots of hilarious scenes, as well as heart wrenching ones. This anime certainly has a lot of gore and is bound to break your heart frequently if you allow yourself to get attached to the characters.

The characters were also another very strong point of this anime. With many diverse characters, this show hardly presents us with a dull moment. Included among the characters are trust and friendship, as well as betrayal and pain. Since the characters are so diverse, you are definitely bound to find a character or two that you can relate with more than the others.

The art and music can simply be described in one word: AMAZING! From the character drawings, to the locations, to the equipment used in battle, everything is drawn stunningly and showcases the correct colors to really make the animation pop. The soundtrack was absolutely epic. It really sparked my anticipation and properly aided fight scenes and depressing ones. Truly one of the best soundtracks I’ve ever heard in an anime.

As a whole, I found this anime extremely relatable and at times, ironic.  I definitely recommend it to those looking for something new to watch that will certainly keep them on the edge of their seats.

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